2010 MOCA trip to the Armory Show

Jeffery Deitch, new Director of MOCA

Jeffery Deitch, new Director of MOCA

During the 2010 MOCA Armory Show trip I really enjoyed going to Jeffery Deitch’s home and listening to him explain the new direction of MOCA.


Pamela West and Timothy Blum

Pamela West and Timothy Blum are two Los Angeles art enthusiasts who I believe have their finger on the LA art pulse.


Tim Noble and Sue Webster sculpture

“Tim Noble and Sue Webster, who work as a team, are among the most celebrated of their generation of British artists. Their first exhibition in New York, I <3 You was held at Deitch Projects in the spring of 2000.”

These artists, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, were my favorite artists at the New Museum’s “Skin Fruit,” exhibition.

Skin Fruit

The New Museum's exhibition, "Skin Fruit"

My favorite sculpture in the “New Museum” was Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s sculpture which was on the first floor.

Roberta Smith writes about the art show in the Times, “The low points are many. I’ll mention the sculptures of Paul McCarthy and the team of Tim Noble and Sue Webster for their gratuitous nastiness…”  However, to me the sculpture was so beautiful because I thought it was about looking past the sculpture to the projected image on the wall of two men looking at peace with one another… most likely a couple… unable to marry in California….

…which brings me to my first question, “How does New York feel about losing Jeffrey Deitch?”  I can only imagine that New York is a little sore about losing one of their big players to Los Angeles…

…which brings me to my second question, “Can a New Yorker tell a Californian how LA art should look?”  I say, “Yes!” And maybe I’m biased being a New Yorker but I grew up believing only Brooklyn had the best views of Manhattan — from a distance.   So, this is why I think Jeffrey can do a great job, because he can see us from a distance.